Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20, 2009

Subject: Hey Family!

The MTC is a wonderful place. The Spirit is always here and everything is beautiful. It really is weird just to look out past the gates and see real people out there.

I hope everyone is well.

Deserae I think I have met your future teacher in the MTC that will help you if you are at a visitor center. Her name is Sis. Allen. She is a great teacher. We only had here for one day as a substitute but she was amazing. You will definitely like her a bunch.

My teacher Bro. Larsen is a wonderful man. We have become quite good friends.

My companions Birthday was yesterday and it was great. Sis. Billings our other teacher made us cookies which are probably the best thing we have had so far. There are so many packages that our district gets filled with food we have so much healthy candy, cookies, donuts and everything to make us fat if we wanted to eat it all.

In our residence we have a communal pile where the Elders that leave put all of the extra stuff they can't take on the plane because of weight limits. There is so much food and ties and random but really good things to have that they leave.

I wrote a letter to you all so expect that soon.

Also last Preparation Day we had a devotional where Jeffery R. Holland spoke. It was wonderful to listen to him. I’ll describe what he spoke about in my letter you will get soon.

Besides the inauguration today has anything happened big in the world?

Lastly I love you all.

Could the boys write me a little letter about how much they love Jesus for all the things He has done for them?

For the girls if they could write how the Atonement has helped them in their lives?

And for you mom and dad can you write me and describe how the Plan of Salvation has comforted and makes life better?

I love you all so much and there is a lot of work to be done.

I love you Dad, Mom, Deserae, Danissa, Deanna, Devin, and Dallin.

Love from your elder,

Elder Dunn